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NHANES ETL Mapping specification

(Mitesh Parekh) #1

@ericaVoss - Hi Erica, Thanks for posting CDM4 ETL specification document for NHANES. Current document contains mapping for 7 cycles i.e. from 1999 - 2012 Do you have updated ETL mapping specification document that includes cycle 2013-2014?


(Patrick Ryan) #2

No, we haven’t done that at janssen. If you do it @parekhm (or anyone
else), it’d be great to have you share that back with the ohdsi community
so we can all benefit from it.

(Mitesh Parekh) #3

Sure Patrick. If we update document, I will share it with the OHDSI community.


(Patrick Ryan) #4

Tremendous, Thanks @parekhm!

(Vojtech Huser) #5

We are looking at determining hysterectomy rate from NHANES data.
Since they have a survey question for this.

Their FAQ says $3k is for any research proposal. https://www.cdc.gov/rdc/leftbrch/frequest.htm

I would like to revive this thread and ask

  1. If you are using NHANES data and OMOPed it - can you briefly describe how you went about it?
  2. Can you perhaps comment on what data is public vs. restricted data and the research proposal process (e.g., use of their secure lab) https://www.cdc.gov/rdc/b2accessmod/acs200.htm