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Next Vocabulary WG meeting August 8 [assessing changes in OHDSI Vocabularies]

As per multiple requests and lots of interest over the years, we will be hosting a WG call dedicated to changes in Vocabularies and its impact on research (aka cohorts). Please come next Tue August 8 at noon to heart two amazing speakers (@Dymshyts and @stephanieshong) talking about their experience in tracking changes in OHDSI Vocabularies and some solutions developed in OHDSI and N3C (not to forget @ericaVoss’s Tantalus :slight_smile:).

Looking forward to a great discussion! Tagging all the folks who have commented on Vocab changes: @krfeeney, @apeshansky, @prquinlan, @Thomas_White, @MaximMoinat, @cukarthik (and I’m sure there are many more so please invite others!:slight_smile:).

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Thanks so much to all who came to the meeting! We had a great conversation. Definitely a lot to learn from @stephanieshong and @Dymshyts experience (as well as an immediate opportunity to use OHDSI and N3C tools if you need to check out changes in your concept sets introduced by a Vocabularies release).

As usual, the recording is under CDM WG → Vocabulary subgroup → Files → Recordings (and a link which I know sometimes doesn’t work).