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New Working Group: Medical Image Working Group

Hello OHDSIers,

Previously, I’ve proposed OMOP CDM extension for standardization of metadata of medical radiology data (ref). I feel the demand for further progress on this from many OHDSIers.

I discussed about this with @Paul_Nagy, and we’ve decided to launch the Medical Image Working Group.

The tentative objective of this working group is ‘We aim to harmonize and standardize information for medical images to overcome current challenges in interoperability and reproducibility in medical image research.’

We plan to have bi-weekly meeting on 7PM EST Wednesday (8AM Korean time), and we have the first meeting this Wednesday(Oct 20th; meeting link). Please join this working group (link).

At first meeting, we’ll discuss the background of this working group and try to define the objective and short-term OKRs for European OHDSI symposium 2022.


Dear Seng,

I represent ProCancer-I project (https://www.procancer-i.eu/) constructing a large prostate cancer imaging repository, already doing work on harmonizing and standardizing information for medical images and I just found out the new working group

Is it possible for us to take part in the efforts? Note that we are located in Greece so 8AM Korean is 2AM Greece and is a bit harsh for us to regularly participate.

Haridimos Kondylakis


Hello, @Haridimos_Kondylakis

Thank you for your interest. I’ve visited the homepage of ProCancer-I project, which looks amazing. At the first meeting I’ll also discuss how to embrace folks in Europe/Western Asia.

We decided to have an regular meeting at 7AM EST (2PM Athens; 8PM Korea) and 7PM EST Wednesday every 4 weeks alternatively to cover different time zones.

The next meeting will be held at 7AM EST (2PM Athens) 3th November.
We’re looking forward to meeting many folks in Europe at that meeting. @Haridimos_Kondylakis

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Where, @SCYou? In Teams?

Oh, I forgot to post the meeting link. Thank you, @Christian_Reich. Please join the meeting (link)!
Also you can join the WG and meeting through Teams.

Gentle reminder: We have Medical Image WG meeting at 7AM EST (2PM Athens, 8PM Korea) 3th November. We’re looking forward to hearing diverse opinions at this meeting.
Please join the meeting through the MS teams link

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@SCYou Did the Wednesday Nov 3 7amEST meeting get cancelled? My manager at Sunnybrook Research tried to log in to MS Team yesterday at 7am EST from Toronto. He told me that the meeting got cancelled. Was there a recording for the meeting if it was on? If not, will you reschedule it? Thanks.

Google tells me that 2pm Athens/Greece is 8am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Is it possible that a miscommunication due to time zone differences?

Actually, we did meet at 7am Toronto time. In Athens it was 1pm when we joined (we changed to the winter time zone the past Sunday).

@suitcase Thanks, Valia. Is there any meeting minutes or recording of the meeting that you can share? What are the next steps after the meeting? Sorry, I was away from work Tuesday, so by the time I realized the meeting time, it was already 9am EST on Wednesday :sleepy:

We apologize that we’re canceling the scheduled Medical Image WG meeting on this Wednesday (17 November), 7PM EST. I’ve noticed that daylight savings time ended, and we have OHDSI-AP symposium at the same time.

Please join the OHDSI-AP symposium (link).
And please see you at the next Medical Image WG (1st December), 7AM EST.

Hi @SCYou!

Hope you are well! Was today’s meeting cancelled for some reason? Thank you!

Dear all,

Please note that the Medical Image WG meeting is cancelled in this week (June 1st) because of the Korean election day.