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New Work Group: Dentistry Work Group

If you are interested in working on dentistry related observational research in the OHDSI community, please follow up in this post! Dentistry Work Group meetings are every Thursday at 7PM ET beginning on November 3, all are welcome.

The newly formed Dentistry Work Group’s mission is to understand how dentistry can leverage observational research to improve oral health outcomes and further investigate the links between oral health and systemic disease.

Currently, dentistry has limited capabilities to conduct observational research with patient-level data. Some projects we will be focusing on in the coming year:

  1. Expansion of the work group with regularly attending members (also currently looking for a co-lead)
  2. Complete a scoping review of observational research in dentistry
  3. Map a dental use case to the OMOP-CDM
  4. Find dental datasets
  5. Complete an observational research study with patient-level dental data mapped to the OMOP-CDM

Please join us!

Note: Re-posted to include link to sign up and to remove a typo.

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Check this out!

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Thanks, @carlosalcampos! That’s great!

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Hello everyone,

I am Zoheir Alayash a researcher at Universitätsklinikum Münster, Germany. I wanted to know if these meetings are still taking place.