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New webapi, etc

We are currently running WebAPI / Atlas 2.10.1. My developers tell me we need a newer version. What is the latest stable version (or ones to use) of WebAPI, Atlas and Achilles ?

How does one upgrade from 2.10.1 to the newer versions ?
Is it a new re-install, or is there an upgrade path that is different ?

Is v2.11.1 the correct version of WebAPI and/or Atlas to build from at this point ?

Yes, 2.11.1 is the latest version of Atlas/WebAPI.

For Atlas, you can simply replace your wwwroot with the contents of Atlas repo, execute npm install to fetch the javascript dependencies, and to a hard-cache reload in your browser to get the latest code.

For WebAPI, you rebuild the WebAPI.war and deploy it to your Java servlet engine (ie: Tomcat), and when the application starts, it will automatically migrate any WebAPI database changes that are needed for the new release. Note: it’s always wise to make a backup of your WebAPI database before deploy in case you want to revert to a prior version due to some unforeseen issue.