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New User: Datasets - where to find?


We were recently notified to start working on OMOP. I downloaded the Standardized vocabularies data from here - Athena (by selecting All VOCAB) and loaded in the ten tables - concept, vocabulary, domain and so on…

I can’t seem to find the datasets for the below tables. Where do I get data for the below tables? Any help or pointers are appreciated.

a) Standardized derived elements - Condition_era, Drug_era, Dose_era tables
b) Results_schema - Cohort & Cohort_definition tables and
c) Standardized metadata - CDM_Source & Metadata

Thanks much,


The derived elements you need to derive from the data. There are scripts on Github for that. Google knows.

The results schema is just an empty schema.

The metadata you also need to fill out yourself.

The OMOP CDM documentation tells you all this. There are also training courses online, best place to find them is the EHDEN academy.