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New to the community? What questions do you have about OHDSI?

On OHDSI’s community call 24Oct2023, we held a ‘Welcome to OHDSI’ session for newcomers to learn more about our community, introduce themselves, and ask questions (link to recording here). At next week’s community call on 31Oct2023, we’ll be holding ‘Welcome to OHDSI Part 2’ where we’ll be answering the questions we received plus any other questions that folks want to raise on the call.

To get folks thinking, here are the questions that we received last week. If you have other questions, please feel free to reply to this forum thread, or join us on the Tuesday call and ask your question aloud:

  • What is the sustainability model?
  • How do I learn more about the open problems, especially around methods development?
  • Is their a dictionary of Greek named tools and what they are used for?
  • Can you clarify the roles of the coordinating center(s) and whether and how members are to engage with them? For example writing grants with them?
  • how to troubleshoot the install and understand the OHDSI tools
  • Would be awesome if there was a Roadmap/Guide for CDM implementation with tools associated with each step along the way. This may be a lot to ask.
  • Wondering if there is collaboration that exists between OHDSI and the military (i.e., DHA - Defense Health Agency)?
  • Does OHDSI have a workgroup ‘need’ level? Like one workgroup may have a tons of contribution and other not so much, where could one help most.
  • Any logistic recommendations for members from Institutions that don’t have microsoft accounts? It was a challenge to get connected to teams with my institutional email without that.
  • Is the list of members of the OHDSI network posted anywhere?
  • How can someone have a presentation for more than 8 minutes in the OHDSI US conference like Martijn and Patrick have every year?

If you don’t receive the weekly call invite, the link to join our community call is available here: Community Calls – OHDSI.