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New routes (and de-standardization of old SNOMED routes)

In your case, you care about specific routes that can’t be inferred from dose forms at all (RxNorm doesn’t have nasogastric tubes). So you need to keep that in your route_concept_id and use route_concept_id for research. In Theresa’s proposal your nasogastric route is standard and is a kid of enteral route and then systemic. Is it going to work for you?

Hey @benskov

In the proposal at least two routes are missing, which are inside the bladder, intraperitoneal, therefore I doubt it fits your use case perfectly. If we add these two routes, why not add more? And one day we will end up in SNOMED - exactly where we are now.

Besides, for local route, you need to use some proxy route Local, which is a hierarchical ancestor of topical, intrathecal, etc. Currently, all the routes you are looking for are available in SNOMED in a high-resolution with the correct hierarchy and no assumptions / data loss / data gain. Even the nice Surgical drain for Abscess management.

Makes sense?

Also could you please describe your experience (read wrestle) with weight-based medications here? This discussion takes its route in 2018, but to this day there is still no standard way how to do it (or am I missing something)?

I agree with @zhuk! Let’s not ruin the current use cases to met the needs of a new use case when there is an alternate solution which will satisfy both!