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New OHDSI Brazil community

Hello everyone,

I am working together with @Julio_Cesar_Barbour, Eduardo Sleiman and Anderson Paulucci to accelerate the development of an OHDSI community in Brazil.

We have been gaining some traction in the last couple of months with important stakeholders and medical informatics specialists. We believe the time is appropriate to create an official workgroup to advance with this topic in the country.

We would like to call all those intrested in participating in the creation of an OHDSI community in Brazil to join us in this effort (if there is anyone from Portugal or other Portuguese speaking countries we may consider creating an “OHDSI in Portuguese” community instead)

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the other members of the group if you would like to know more.


Thank you for your leadership, Guilherme!

@tduarte, do you have any friends who might want to join these efforts? :wink:

CC: @harrycruz @andremillet @pablo @fabkury @limadm @GilbertoBotaro @Tereza_Abrahao @gabrielbvieira @ktauil @gschadow @VivianFurlan

Thanks for the CC, Kristin.

I am indeed interested in knowing more. Are you planning to make a presentation about this OHDSI community, @saka_br?

I know that Jessica Moura from Sami (health insurance startup) maintained an OMOP ETL and database analysis infrastructure there, and received plenty of protected claims data from multiple Brazilian private health insurance companies.

Also, I see @Julio_Cesar_Barbour has been delivering prominent introductions on OMOP CDM to larger companies and providers in São Paulo.

About OHDSI in Brazil vs in Portuguese, I vote in Portuguese, because I think the word is more convenient, but the reality will depend on the members of the group.

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Thank you @saka_br to introduce this topic here!

The user @Julio_Cesar_Barbour was subscribed by an email account that I don´t have access anymore.

So please consider this new user.

Hello @fabkury ! Jessica isn´t in Sami anymore, @VivianFurlan is leading the Sami OMOP project now. We´ve already spoken about it, and she is now facing the mapping challenge with the TUSS terminology. =)

Thanks for jumping in, it is great to have your support.

Yes, we intend to make a presentation inviting all those interested in building the community to join the effort. The date is still to be defined, but we expect to make a poll to decide on the date in a couple of days.

We are just getting acquainted with the global community, the exhisting WG and building some momentum for the initial launch.

It was great to see in @jposada 's presentation yesterday that Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is making a stronger commitment to the standard, it will for sure help to move this topic forward in Brazil.

Hi Julio, I would like to discuss joining the Brasilian community. H2CI is implementing major telehealth infrastructures across the entirety of Brasil. Our medical division is based in Maceio and we have been working for nearly 18 years on projects in the UK, Europe, Singapore and Japan. When and by which method (WhatsApp or SIGNAL) would be best for our initial discussions. My native language is English.

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Hi @H2CI ,

Thank you for you interest in joining the community. We are having a monthly meeting for LATAM and that includes Brazil. Next one is the last week of October.

Tagging here @Tereza_Abrahao, @saka_br and @tduarte which are very active on the Brazil community

Hi, when and is the meeting? Is it physical (Sao Paulo or virtual and what must I do to participate?
Obrigado, Russ

It is Virtual, @ekatzman posts all the meetings of the week every week. You will see an announcement of the next meeting here in the forums. If you want to be added to the email distribution list please send me an email to jposada@ohdsi.org

Hi @saka_br - I was just made aware of your LinkedIn post. This is a very commendable activity! Let us know once you come closer to a complete vocabulary and we can see how we can make that community effort available in Athena!
Cheers - mik

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Thanks @mik

We are really excited with this new project. We have more than a 100 people who volunteered to participate and hopefully will be able to add a new vocabulary to Athena.

To be fair, most of the work until now was performed by @carlosalcampos @julio_barbour @TerezaAbrahao and @osmeire . Additional thanks to the omnipresent @jposada


I am equally excited to see a community effort of this size, @saka_br !
Let us know once you are ready to present the first results and come to the OMOP CDM Vocabulary subgroup to show off a little. Then we should explore your next steps to create high quality content that can be passed to the Vocabulary team for final QA until it can go to Athena. Don’t forget to have your use cases ready for all material you want to make a standardized vocabulary!
Cheers - mik

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