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New Data Souce data not coming in Atlas Dashboard

I’ve setup Broadsea with default data source in Atlas having synthea data, I’m trying to create a new data source using SQL.

I’ve used the sql commands mentioned here https://github.com/OHDSI/webapi-wiki/blob/master/CDM-Configuration.md#source-and-source_daimon-table-setup, to create new source and source daimon, I’m able to see the new source in the dropdown. But the dashboard reports showing existing data and not new data. i tried refreshed the webapi source and restarting the web api server but still old data is showing,

Can anyone help me in fixing this, is there any step in between which i missed.

When you say ‘existing data’ and not ‘new data’ do you mean that it is showing you the synthia data (the existing data source) or is it showing you data from the new data source, but the data source has updated Achilles results and it’s showing you the prior data?