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New Collaborator Bios / OHDSI Education Series

(Craig Sachson) #1

Hi all,
We have had several new collaborators introduce themselves either on the forum on at the start of our Tuesday conference calls. We would like to have our collaborator page updated as we head into 2020, so for any newcomer who would like to have a profile page created, please fill out the following information and email it to sachson@ohdsi.org. Thanks!

  • Your name, title and organization as you would like them to appear on your profile
  • A bio (2-3 paragraphs ideally)
  • A headshot
  • A list of selected publications that are relevant or noteworthy to OHDSI

Please remember to elaborate on any specific contributions you have made to OHDSI. Also, feel free to include any other information (e-mail, web site, etc.) that you would like to appear on your profile page.

Also, we’ve been running a series of stories on OHDSI Education this month, so please check them out either on our social channels or on OHDSI.org, and share them with your respective networks. We have done three pieces so far (Jon Duke’s class at Georgia Tech, the first official OHDSI Tutorial in Korea, and the tutorials from the OHDSI Symposium), and two more are still to come.