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Need help and feedback from the community to improve usability of Atlas


(Catherine Caoagas) #1

Hi, my name is Catherine and together with my team mate Nadirah we are the user experience designers from data4life, a non-profit organisation. Our company aims to build innovative digital solutions that will connect healthcare stakeholders and contribute to medical researchers to change the global health for the better. https://www.data4life.care/en/

We are currently looking to improve the user experience of Atlas and would like to invite the community to give feedback on what and how to improve which would help you do your job better. Help us by taking part in the survey.

Thank you,

(Seng Chan You) #2

Thank for leading this effort, @cathcaoagas
Currently, I cannot access to the google doc. Could you check it?

(Chris Roeder) #3

Same here.

(Catherine Caoagas) #4

Can you try it again?

(Seng Chan You) #5

Thank you @cathcaoagas I can access to it now :slight_smile:

(Alan Andryc) #6

I have specific design thoughts / recommendations I’d like to provide. Do you all have a running repo where you’re tracking the changes you’re going to make?

(Catherine Caoagas) #7

Hi @aandryc , thank you for participating in the survey. We currently don’t maintain a repo to keep track of the changes yet. We are working on the research phase and gathering inputs from different users so we can use as input to the new designs. Can we set up a 45 minutes call to talk about your design recommendations?