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Need for additional drug_type_concept_id?

Hi, in our project, we are getting vaccination records from CMS and combining them with vaccination records from other sources. We want to be able to distinguish the source. In looking at standard drug_type_concept_ids, “government report” is the one that comes closest, but still is not a great fit. In another life I worked on NCQA quality measures that had the concept of “supplemental data”…something like that or “third party data” or “government data” might be useful. Please consider. thanks…jim

Hi @JimF!
We could make the Government report concept less specific and rename it to Government data. Then again, isn’t the provenance of your data sufficiently clear if you have something with “Government” as the type concept? What will you use for the other sources?
Let me tag @Christian_Reich, the god father of the type concepts and benevolent but strict ruler of the Type Concepts Kingdom. Let’s see if he can give you proper guidance!
Cheers ~ Mik

I am not the source of the “Government reports”. @MPhilofsky? @Gowtham_Rao?

“Supplemental” or “Third party” is not a good Type Concept, because it doesn’t say where it is from. And we will never agree what “First” and “Second” party should be.

So, @mik’s proposal does make sense to me, but can you explain a little better what the CMS delivers, and from where it gets it from, @JimF?

@Christian_Reich ,

I do not know the origin of

@JimF Are these data from a registry? If yes, use the registry type_concept_id.