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NCCD to RxNORM mapping relationship



Hi, Folks,
Since the NCCD were update in Athena, do we have the mapping relationship from NCCD to RxNORM. We have mapped our original drugs to NCCD before and now we’d like to use the OMOP CDM. So please help us to download the relationship, if there do exist. Thanks an advance.

(Denys Kaduk) #2

Hello @yingzhang,
You can download vocabularies from Athena using button ‘DOWNLOAD’ in the right corner

And choose which vocabulary do you want to download
Then upload them into your databases and find the link from NCCD to RxNorm in table concept_relationship using sql query:
select * from concept c
join concept_relationship r on c.concept_id = r.concept_id_1
join concept a on r.concept_id_2 = a.concept_id
where c.vocabulary_id = ‘NCCD’
and a.vocabulary_id like ‘RxNorm%’
and r.relationship_id = ‘Maps to’;