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Natural Language Queries over the CDM

Hi there,

If you need natural language queries over your CDM please get in touch. I have also found the NLP working group.

Here’s a link to an example of where FactEngine aims…

A typical natural language query over the CDM will look like the following using FactEngine:

WHICH Person gave A Specimen THAT is of (Specimen Type:‘Nasal Swab’) AND THAT Specimen was taken at A Visit Occurrence THAT had (Provider:‘Jane’,‘Doe’)
AND THAT Visit Occurrence was at (Care Site:‘Cairns Hospital’)
AND THAT Visit Occurrence had start-(Date:‘20200902’)
AND THAT Visit Occurrence has WHICH Note
AND THAT Visit Occurrence has A Visit Detail THAT was for A Condition Occurrence THAT was for (Condition:‘Covid19’)

Many thanks,