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Name That Result! OHDSI Game show on 5Apr2022 Community Call.....Contestants wanted

Tuesday, 5April2022, we will try something a little different on our OHDSI Community Call. We’ll be transforming our weekly meeting into a game show! I’ll be your host, and I’m making the call now to ‘come on down!’ for anyone who would like to participate as a contestant.

“Name That Result” will be an opportunity for OHDSI collaborators to test their skilz in a set of friendly competitions to see who can generate evidence from their OMOP CDM fastest, and seeing what OHDSI tools they use to make it happen.

Who can play? ANYONE! But, those who will be most competitive will be those who are familiar with the OMOP Common Data Model and have some ability to answer questions using it, either via direct programming (such as R or SQL) or via OHDSI tools (such as ATLAS).

Who will win? Whoever can be quick AND accurate at translating a research question into an analysis specification and implementing the analysis against a CDM.

What do you need to play? It depends on how you want to answer the questions :slight_smile: If you’re gonna hack code to answer questions, then you’ll need access to a CDM instance (could be simulated data) and be able to open a RStudio session or SQL client and type/run code. If you’re gonna use ATLAS, then you just need access to your preferred environment (use of the publicly available atlas-demo.ohdsi.org is totally fair game). In either case, you’ll need to be on the community call live, and have the ability to screenshare from within MSTeams to show your work. You’ll need to make sure you can join the OHDSI MSteams call from the OHDSI tenant (preferably from the app, not browser) to ensure that you have access to the Chat window and the Reactions (to raise hand), since we’ll be using that along the way. It’s that simple!

How can I sign up? Just reply this thread or email me at ryan@ohdsi.org. There’s no limit to the number of contestants we can have, but I do need to know that you want to play in advance so that I can create the leaderboard :slight_smile:

Should I still come to the meeting if I am not a contestant? ABSOLUTELY! I think this should be a fun and informative session for everyone, whether you are play and just learning from others.

Thanks for joining “Name That Result” . This is Patrick Ryan, reminding you to help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered.

That sounds exciting! Please sign me up :slight_smile: