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NAACCR Concept Relation / Diagnosis Modifier

Hello, I am new to CDM / NAACCR. I am trying to convert NAACCR data into CDM. I’ve downloaded required vocabularies including ICDO3 and NAACCR from Athena. I don’t see any records in Concept_Relationship table with relationship ID as ‘ICDO to Schema’ . Relationship table has this relation defined. I guess this relation is supposed to be used to identify the NAACCR schema from ICDO3 code.Is any additional vocabulary list should be loaded?

I also went through the below link to understand, how diagnosis / treatment modifiers should be mapped and few like metastatis, grading are still under construction. Is there any other approach can be used meanwhile?

conventions.knit (ohdsi.github.io)

Thank you.

Hi @Anbu:

Welcome to the family.

It’s there. For example for this ICDO concept.

Yes, we are behind with finishing this documentation. This needs to be picked up. Grading and mets are the most important ones. Let us know if you need some ad-hoc help.

Thank you, @Christian_Reich . I did download the NAACCR vocabulary but in that list of downloaded files, “Relationship” file has all these relations including “ICDO to Schema” defined. When I was looking at this “Concept_Relationship” file, I don’t see any single record with this relation.

Sure, will get back when I am trying to convert Grading or other domains.

I do have another question here. Please let me kow if I should start a separate topic for this.
Some NAACCR elements from prognosis factors are not available in the concept.

  1. [BRAF_Mutational_Analysis] is not available.
  2. [EGFR_Mutational_Analysis] is not available.
  3. Not all NAACCR values for item, Ki-67 are available. Values, 3863@XXX.4,3863@XXX.5,3863@XXX.6 are missing.


Sorry for the slow response.

Tons of them. For example Neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas links to tumor of head of pancreas.

Please do.

Is it possible these are new codes?

Correct. What are they saying? Usually, the Ki67 returns a % value, not a concept.