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Multiple shiny apps fail to load


Just noticed that multiple shiny apps (e.g., aesi, ApPhenotypeEvaluation, CrohnsDiseaseCohortDiagnostics, LegendT2dmClassCohortExplorer) fail to load, with the following error message:

Error in get(x, envir = ns, inherits = FALSE) : 
  object 'continuous_range' not found
Calls: runApp ... .grab_ggplot_internals -> lapply -> FUN -> getFromNamespace -> get
Execution halted

Is that a result of upgrade to some packages (ggplot perhaps)?


This :arrow_up: is still an issue: quite a few shiny apps fail to load on https://data.ohdsi.org/@admin?

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It sounds like all the apps use one shiny server and one set of dependencies. So if the dependencies are updated it is expected that some of the apps might break and someone would need to go through them all and fix them. Doesn’t seem like a great architecture long term.

At least 30 apps on data.ohdsi.org are not starting up. Here are the error messages: data.ohdsi.org review July 10 2023 - Google Docs

Seems like this should be a priority for OHDSI. How can I help fix this?

Just wondering if there is any progress on resolving this @cyanover @lee_evans @Adam_Black for the existing apps (I for example see the same error for https://data.ohdsi.org/BSSHSurgicalWristArthritis/)?

Hi @edburn

I know Lee has set up a new server using the Shiny Proxy application that provides isolation between apps using Docker. I tested it out and it looked great. So I think that is in the works. I’m not sure what the timeline is for depot the new shiny deploy.

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