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Multiple diagnosis related data from source system for a patient

(rashmi) #1

We are implementing OMOP for oncology data. In the source data , if we have diagnosis coming in from 2 places, one deduced from pathology lab report and other from Genetic test report and we want to capture both . What is the recommendation in such a scenario.

(Christian Reich) #2


Can you share an example? We are having discussions about exactly this type of problem in Cancer (which your probelm sounds like).

(rashmi) #3

Hi Christian @Christian_Reich,
So for ex:
We have tumor diagnosis given by the oncologist
tumor diagnosis given in pathology report
tumor diagnosis in NGS lab report.
They might be synonym of the diagnosis name, each one calling the same diagnosis in more detailed or summarized manner. We would like to capture all 3 of them.
Please suggest how can it be done. Should one be captured in condition occurrence and others as observation in observation table under lab diagnosis.
Kindly suggest how can such data be captured.
We are looking specifically at oncology data,

(Christian Reich) #4


That’s easy. Just record them all, with the appropriate Type Concept, so you know where it came from.

(rashmi) #5

Condition type does not have anything to record from genetic testing or from a pathology lab .

(Christian Reich) #6

Тry in a couple days again. We are reissuing.

However, there won’t be “Genetic testing”. It’s just “Lab”. The fact that it is genetic testing is evident from the test.