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More adequate standard concepts for "Carpal tunnel release" procedure

(Gil Frenkel) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for the best standard concept to represent the “carpal tunnel release” procedure (from the procedure domain) - I only found this which is a non-standard one:

Release of carpal tunnel

I’m looking for a standard concept that is not too specific and is not too generic as well.
carpal tunnel release can be bileteral or unilateral and also open or endoscopic.

There are only few specific concepts and I’m not quite satisfied with their specificity:

I couldn’t find any adequate standard concepts to use.
Are there any more concepts that I’m missing or do we need to add them?

Thank you.

(Oleg Zhuk) #2

Hi, @gil.frenkel :slight_smile:

The concept you found has ‘Maps to’ relationship (which connects Non-standard concepts to standard) with Decompression of median nerve. Even more important, Snomed concept Decompression of median nerve at wrist, you may be interested in, became invalid and was remapped to decompression of median nerve. So go with it :slight_smile:

Consider this concept unilateral, unless otherwise stated (you’ve already found the right concept for bilateral procedure)

If you need to combine attributes (bilateral, endoscopic, open, etc.) you can populate modifier_concept_id or use 1-to-many mapping, where one source code from your data mapped to >1 standard concept (eg. bilateral endoscopic carpal tunnel release -> bilateral carpal tunnel release + endoscopic carpal tunnel release, etc.).

You definitely don’t need any new concepts.

(Gil Frenkel) #3

Thank you very much @zhuk for all your help!

(Oleg Zhuk) #4

You are welcome!

Feel free to ask your questions in one of your themes, no need to create new for each question