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MOOC for causal Analysis - Beginner


Am a software guy with no background in causal inference.

While I am now familiar with prediction techniques due to plethora of courses available online, I would like to seek recommendations from people here for causal inference.

As you might now, how prediction techniques tutorials are available in way which can be consumed by people from software background, I would like to learn causal inference techniques like Propensity Score Matching, Comparative Effectiveness Research, epidemiology analytics, effect estimates etc in a proper course which can take us from beginner to advanced curriculum. Basically, things that are used in observational healthcare research and public health fields. Is there any courses like what Udacity offers for Data Science (which only deals with Prediction problems). Am looking for a similar course which can take us from A-Z of causal analysis.

As there are folks from healthcare and academia, I felt it is relevant to ask here for recommendations/suggestions

Can direct me to one such resource if any where I can learn such techniques and participate and do research using OMOP-CDM?