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Missing "maps to" values in ICD10 download

Hallo, I’m pretty new to OMOP and I’m having difficulties mapping non-standard codes to standard codes. I got it right on some vocabularies, but not on ICD10. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Example is ICD10 code ‘D12.6’. Which I can find perfectly fine online in Athena. It gives me a concept_id of ‘45576377’. It also says that it has a Non-standard to Standard map (OMOP) to concept_id ‘77234’ from the SNOMED vocabulary. This is exactly what I need. A mapping tot a standard SNOMED term that I can use in loading data into OMOP.

However, I’m unably to find this mapping relation anywhere in the vocabularies I downloaded. I downloaded the ICD10 vocabulary and expected to find a line where concept_id_1 = ‘45576377’, relationship_id = ‘Maps to’ and concept_id_2 = ‘77234’ in the CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP.csv. Unfortunately it’s not there.

What am I missing?

Hello @MNieuwland, welcome to the community.

Did you also include SNOMED in your Athena download? It is pre-selected on the downloads page because it contains lots of standard (target) concepts.

I did download SNOMED as well. But not in the same download (does that matter?). Did not find it there either.

@MNieuwland ,

Yes, it does. The idea is that you select all the vocabularies you need and get a single bundle (set of CSV files) with all the concepts and their relationships/hierarchies.
More info: Chapter 5 Standardized Vocabularies | The Book of OHDSI

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Wow, thanks a lot! This did solve the problem.