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Missing drugs in FDB (GCN_SEQNO) vocabulary

(Alexandre Peshansky) #1

We discovered that some of the drugs in our EMR system, that uses FDB genseqno coding, are not present in the concept table. I thought initially that we have an outdated vocabularies, but it is not present in the latest dataset (GCN_SEQNO 20151119 Release), and at least one of the drugs (Cinqair) was approved in 2016.
We need to ultimately map the drugs to RxNorm concepts, so we were using GCN_SEQNO concepts and concept_relationship table to do the mapping. So a couple of questions:

  1. Are there up-to-date FDB concepts available?
  2. Is this a right approach?

(Christian Reich) #2


We need to refresh. Not many people have FDB GCNSEQNO.