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Missing Concepts Discovered relating to Allergies


(Mark Wlodarski) #1

Hello, as a part of building our Food Allergy Data Dictionary we have discovered a number of minor missing concepts that our food allergy experts believe to be of importance. Most of these are Observations but here is a list of the ones we have identified:

Foods and Triggers - Observations
Goat Meat - this would ideally be added as a Red Meat under 4037234
Black Beans – there is only a Non standard code for this - 40792667 but there does not seem to be an available standard code for this
Rat Dander - for addition under Animal Dander - 4138133
Date Tree Pollen - for addition under Tree Pollen - 36684363

Other Observations:
Change in Activity Level - there are a number of codes for indicating a specific amount of change in activity, but a generic “change in activity level” is something highly requested by our allergy experts as this is a common observation in children
Prior Antihistimine use - indicates that a person has taken anithistimines without a need to specify the exact drug

Nasal Pruritis - This would be similar to 4038048 - throat irritation
Oral Pruritis - same as above

Reaction Attributes:
We would like the following types of exposure added, these would be similar to “Accidental Exposure” 4115598:
Intentional / self challenge
Oral Food Challenge Dose
Oral immunotherapy dose - I will be making a separate post about Oral Immunotherapy

Thank you, This post is intended to get the conversation started when it comes to adding these items. I will also be making a few other posts today or this week to detail some other issues we have run into.