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Missing Concept Relationships

After the September release, I’ve noticed a lot of the “Maps to” relationships have gone missing. Here’s the summary from our CDM. Has anyone else noticed this?

To name a few:
ICD9CM lost 1,003
HCPCS lost 1,006
SNOMED lost 19,715

I noticed some concepts in ICD9CM/ICD10CM now map to the Cancer Modifier vocabulary. Spot check the concepts in Athena to see what vocabulary they map to or if the relationships are completely missing. If you don’t have the target vocabulary, then you won’t have a relationship record.

Also, see this post about the summer 2022 Vocabulary release.

Added this as an issue in the Vocab github requesting this be a new feature in the Vocab release notes.

@MPhilofsky , After doing some spot checking, it looks like the relationships were removed. In the previous version, Concept ID 45609190 - “Toxic effect of beryllium and its compounds, undetermined, initial encounter” previously mapped to: 40486937, 443272, and 442023. When I search 45609190 in Athena, only the 40486937 relationship appears.

Ah, got it. I’ll let @zhuk or another person from the Vocabulary team answer since this is an update to the mapping relationships.

Thank you for reaching us.

We would investigate this and get back to you.

This release was a major one and some mappings might be still injured.