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Minor question on ATLAS

(Chai Young Jung) #1

In ATLAS, when I define Cohort, I clicked “Restrict initial events” button then I saw a message like below.


Restrict intial events to: <== What is mean “intial”? Is this a typo?

(Chris Knoll) #2

The cohort entry events are the ‘initial events’. The term ‘initial’ is used here because it means ‘before inclusion criteria are applied’. Think of it as ‘a rule before the inclusion rules’. It’s optional (you have to reveal it by clicking ‘restrict initial events’. if you want to revert the initial event restriction, you click the ‘remove initial event restriction’ button below that section.

(Chai Young Jung) #3

@Chris_Knoll Thanks for your explanation.

Sorry, my question seems unclear.

My question is why is it not “initial” but “intial” on “Restrict intial events to:”?

I think that i is missing between n and t.

(Chris Knoll) #4

I see, initial is misspelled. We’ll put in a patch for that.