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Migration of the webapi instance to an upgraded WebAPI/ATLAS version

Hi everyone,

This is Juanma Ramírez from PSMAR in Barcelona (Spain).
Currently, we are installing the last available version of WebAPI and ATLAS so far (v2.12.0) in a new server. We need to transfer all the cohorts, datasets, and any other item available in our current WebAPI/ATLAS implementation.
I guess that restoring a complete dump of the webapi schema containing all these cohorts in the webapi schema used in the new WebAPI installation is not possible as every webapi schema used in an updated version is not exactly the same than those used in the previous WebAPI versions, right?
Are there some tables in the webapi schema that remain unchanged regardless the WebAPI version and can be transfered to new webapi instances so that these previous items are transfered to the new WebAPI installation?
I am not able to find in the OHDSI documentation a protocol for this kind of migration.
Could you please send me the link to it if it exists? otherwise, could you tell me how I can migrate this?

Thanks in advance,