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Merging two data sources - Clinical and survey data


(Selva) #1

Hello everyone,

We have two data sources - clinical data and survey data. We would like to merge these data sources to get a holistic understanding of the patients. So to perform analysis, however I have to put the complete data (from two sources) into once CDM instance. Is my understanding right ? Or is it possible to have two sources separately as two CDM instances and still do analysis?

Through survey, we capture additional info about the patient profile (like social and lifestyle etc). We believe this can help us in understanding the patients better. So do you think the survey data, has to just be put in “Survey_Conduct” table and observation table and not necessarily be treated as a separate source?

I might totally be wrong here, can you guide me on this?

Anyone storing multiple data sources in one CDM?
(Anna Karenina) #2

Hello Selva,

I’ve converted similar data (EHR + some social survey results) to OMOP CDM recently. Since surveys are more like additional information and do not contain enough variables to populate a separate CDM instance, they mostly ended up in Observation table, along with regular clinical data. But it still depends on what kind of survey data do you have.
One more thing – if you’re planning to leverage some of OHDSI tools (Achilles, Atlas, etc.), then having a single CDM instance would be much more convenient.