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Medicaid ETL TAF

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) has created an ETL using Spark SQL to transform T-MSIS Analysis Files (TAF) Research Identifiable Files (RIF) into OMOP CDM. The goal of the ETL was to ease integration of TAF data into network studies. For OMOP practitioners who have access to a 100% sample of TAF RIF via the Chronic Conditions Warehouse, consider using our ETL as a starting point on your OMOP conversion, if desired. We do not anticipate major updates or ongoing development of this code. The NLM is not providing any long-term support for OMOP ETL implementation at this time.
Documentation to support deployment is forthcoming.

Link to the ETL: CRI/EtlOmopMedicaid at master · lhncbc/CRI · GitHub

@Nick_Williams: Very nice.

Can you add some explanation or documentation? Looks like all files contain code. May not be easy to use.

Also, we have a bunch of ETLs for public consumption in the OHDSI Github. Their names start with “ETL”. Do you mind if we copy it there as well?

The documentation is being edited; but we have a 20+ page word file explaining how to use this. Its not quite ready but almost. I have no objection to posting this on OHDSI Github, but I do have a question of how I can update the code on your Github?

Our project wraps up in late October of this year. That might be a good time because the documentation would be ready. We are also doing a reconciliation process with SOC Medicaid ETL Team and its possible there will be small changes to the code depending on what we find.

Perhaps in November?



Sounds good.

Very interested in following along here. Thank you for sharing Nick!

The documentation is now posted.
It should help folks understand the code.

Let us know if you have comments.