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MedDRA license for a research collaborative


(Maxim Moinat) #1

Hi, for a public-private consortium, PIONEER, we would like to request a license for MedDRA. Currently, we are trying to figure out whether we can apply for a license as a consortium, which is not a legal entity. Does anyone have experience with requesting a MedDRA license for a research collaborative?

And does OHDSI itself have a license for MedDRA? Or do we use the one from an industry partner? @Christian_Reich @Alexdavv

(Charles Auffray) #2

Hi Maxim, PIONEEER is, as you pointed out, not a legal entity.

The best way is thus to have the request for the license done by the Coordinator (or a designated partner) on behalf of the Consortium partners, with clear indication of the list of end-users to avoid confusion issues in terms of access rights.


(Christian Reich) #3

Sorry, guys. Every data holder has to do it. If you are an academic institutions. If not tell them it’s for OHDSI research, they are very friendly.