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MedDRA is missing from Athena

(Qi Yang) #1

I don’t see MedDRA in Athena. Is that intentional?

(Alexander Davydov) #2

Indeed, since MedDRA is EULA required.
Please log in, then submit a request on the download page.

(Qi Yang) #3

But MedDRA is missing even in the Athena browser. I don’t see MedDRA filter in the vocabulary filter.

Is EULA required for displaying here as well?

(Mui Van Zandt) #4

@QI_omop - The UI is not going to display any of the vocabularies that requires a license thus you won’t be able to see it. The only thing you can do is download it, if your company has the license.

(Alexander Davydov) #5

Once the request is approved, you will be able to search among the vocabularies that requires a license.
This was implemented in one of the recent releases.


(Alessandra Lacetera) #6

How long does it take the approvation? I have MedDRA license and I have already sent in Athena the EULA request. Should I do any further step? Thank you in advance