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MEDCIN vocabulary

(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #1

Are there plans to incorporate the MEDCIN vocabulary into Athena?

(Alexander Davydov) #2

Hi @tom.white.md,

Not yet.
The distribution of this vocabulary is restricted so, in theory, it could be available in Athena only by license/EULA.
So who will be using this in fact?

(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #3

Some of the data submitters to our HIE/RHIO use MEDCIN for procedures. If Athena supported MEDCIN, we could map directly to their codes and from there map to standard SNOMED concepts.

We don’t need the CONCEPT_NAME for those codes – just the codes and the mapping to a standard vocabulary. Would that reduce the licensing issues? That might make it comparable to how you distribute CPT4 – the codes and mappings are in Athena, but you can only get the labels if you license them yourself, or download them from UMLS. Of course, it would be nice to see the labels in Athena and Atlas when searching vocabularies. I hope that that one-at-a-time search would be possible too.

(Christian Reich) #4


Do you use MEDCIN (apparently renamed to “Quippe”) in your EHR? Do you know anybody at Medicomp we should be talking to? Asking is free, so happy to find out what they are up to, and if they want to provide the mapping to SNOMED to us.