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Measurements report in an Atlas' cohort

In Atlas, after generating a cohort, I can create several reports.
However, I can not find a report about Measurements.

Am I missing something ??

Id like to see the number patients in the cohort that has a measurement and the averange number of measurements per patient. Just like in the Procedures report.

(May be @anthonysena may know)

reproducible example in ATLAS

Those reports are old, and we rely on the cohort characterization for that type of function. To use it, you create features (here are 2 exaples for prevalence and distribution types (you can’t mix them in the same feature definition):
Prevalence, Distribution:

Once they are defined, you can apply them to a characterization, which I show here.

Note: when using criteria features this way, you can only choose one ‘idea’ of a measurement at a time. Ie: it does not take every distinct measurement in the measurement table and produce one row per measurement. However, there is a ‘preset’ measurement characterization that I included in the characterization: Measurements Long Term, which will give you the identity and prevalence of all measurements found in the cohort. From this, if you want to make a distribution, you can create a distribution feature for each of the measurements you want to capture, but the downside to this is that you have to create a concept set for each type of measurement you want to calculate.

Thanks so much @Chris_Knoll, that is just what I needed.