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Measurement_type_concept_id for lab results

We recently realized that the measurement _type_concept_ids that we are using in our OMOP are:

but looks like the measurement_type_concept_ids we should be using are the ones defined here? So what the measurement_concept_id we should use for lab results? Should it be 32856 instead of 44818702
which is what we have been using ?

@MPhilofsky @aostropolets @Christian_Reich

Hello @PriyaDesai,

The type concept_ids were updated and are no longer domain specific. For lab tests, concept_id = 32856 is the one you should use.

You should check your other CDM tables for deprecated type concept_ids. In our data, we had quite a few become deprecated. Use domain_id = ‘Type Concept’ and standard_concept = ‘S’ to find all the standard type concepts.

@MPhilofsky Yes…looks like we missed the memo!
How can I find which release this happened in?

@PriyaDesai It will be in the Release Notes located on the GitHub page for the Vocabulary team. I’m not too familiar with the vocab GitHub, so if you have any questions, @Alexdavv will be able to help.

Thank you @MPhilofsky .
@Alexdavv @aostropolets: How can search the past github releases to understand which release this happened in?

@PriyaDesai: Long ago: Concept Type consolidation - please take a look

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