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Measurement Table - are value_as_concept_id and value_as_number mutually exclusive?

(Christian Reich) #21

Friends disputants:

Please come today at 1 pm ET. We will put this to bed. By “this” I mean should we allow both value_as_concept_id and value_as_number (and potentially unit_concept_id). Please keep in mind when you are discussing what “researchers” want that we are not treating patients from these records, and we are in a network world were we have no direct access to patient-level data. Everything has to make sense remotely, blindly.

(Xavier Gansel) #22

Hi @Christian_Reich,
Do you have the conclusion of the meeting mentioned ? could you share those ?
I have the exact same questions for microbiology lab data : antibiotic susceptibility tests gives an MIC then transformed into a category (Resistant, Intermediate, Susceptible). Thks