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Meaning of SPECIMEN/disease_status_concept_id



We’re now doing translating EMR databases to CDM v5.3.

What does ‘disease_status_concept_id’ mean in specimen table?
I found 3 concept_ids of DOMAIN_ID=‘spec disease status’.

| 4066212 | Malignant | Spec Disease Status |
| 4135493 | Abnormal | Spec Disease Status |
| 4069590 | Normal | Spec Disease Status |

Are these concepts mean the results of specific test for tissues?
Or, means the patient’s condition when the biologic sample was collected?

Disease Status
(Qi Yang) #2

Hello, we are implementing a EHR database to CDM v5.3 and have the same questions as Sooyeon. Could someone tell us what these value (Abnormal, Normal and Malignant) mean? It seems to me that ‘Normal’ and ‘Spec Disease Status’ don’t go together. Also is it true that only these 3 values are allowed in the disease_status_concept_id column in Specimen table?

(Anna Ostropolets) #3

These are concepts that describe the specimens: normal specimen (meaning the morphology of it), abnormal, malignant. Only they are allowed. We might need to add more: if you want some please share.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4


So, it can be let’s say ‘adenocarcinoma’ or ‘cyst’ or something?

in the other words, they and their descendants. Does it sounds right to you?