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MDC (Medical Device Communication) Vocabulary to CDM

Hi Everyone

We are currently working on converting EHR HL7 V2 to OMOP CDM. As part of this exercise, we are dealing with MDC vocabulary. This code system refers to data from medical devices (Alarms, Measurements etc). Currently, this vocabulary is not part of Athena. Please let me know if any work has been done on this vocabulary before.

Values from this Coding system can be found below:

Please suggest the next course of action to onboard this. Let me know if more information is required on this.

@Adam_Black Please add your views on this.

Thank you
Sandeep Mamidi

So I saw the MDC vocab in Athena but this is actually a different MDC vocabulary (Medical Device Communications). Even vocabulary names are not unique :joy:.

I think there is a formal process for requesting a new vocabulary be added to OMOP although I’m not entirely sure what that is. I do know who to ask though! @Christian_Reich @aostropolets, Sandeep is in the Kheiron cohort and he’s doing ETL. He has to map some codes that don’t appear to be in the OMOP vocab. Can you help him make a request to add them?

This documentation is a good place to start: Community contribution guidelines: non‐drug vocabularies · OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0 Wiki · GitHub. Please come to the Vocabulary WG call to discuss more if you have questions after reading it.

Hi, let me know if you will be interested in joining the Medical Device WG activity at the symposium → Medical Device WG Activity for the Global OHDSI Symposium 2023! - Register please