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MB-MOH procedure codes to OMOP

Hello everyone!
I am working on a project involving Israeli clinical data, where the MB-MOH (Ministry of Health) coding system is used to code some procedures. Does a mapping from MB-MOH to OMOP already exist or are there ongoing projects on the matter? If not, could you advise on the best approach to follow to perform the mapping?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Hi @serena


I don’t think so.

First, translate it to English (if it’s in a different language). The usual google-translate works fine: we did this with French, German and even Chinese vocabularies).
Then you run Usagi and manually review its output and pick the best matching concepts.

If you share the example of your data or the link it’s available by (if it’s public), we can take a look and think of some other aproaches,
for example, we can split source concepts into attributes (approach, intent, method, body site etc) and then map these attributes to a SNOMED ones (SNOMED is the main target procedure vocabulary in OMOP). And then when mapping we consider procedures as a combination of attributes, so if attributes are the same in source and in target codes, then it’s a match.