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May 11 OHDSI Call: Time To Debate!

Please join us Tuesday, May 11 (11 am ET) for our next community call, which will feature two debates surrounding our efforts to efficiently and reliably generate robust real-world evidence across multiple data sources. The topics and debaters will be:

Debate 1: Observational studies are best conducted as a distributed network analysis and not a centralized data repository. (Debaters: @krfeeney and @Andrew)

Debate 2: It is more important to keep OHDSI standardized vocabularies up-to-date in content through a continuous release lifecycle than to align the OHDSI network on a common vocabulary version. (Debaters: @Christian_Reich and @Rijnbeek)

Many of you will have the calendar link in your OHDSI Teams environment. If not, you will need the specific meeting link to access the community call; it will also be posted in the main OHDSI Teams environment. As always, if you can’t make it, the recordings will be posted to both our Community Calls page and the General OHDSI Teams recordings folder.

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