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Maternity ward data

Hello everyone,
We are students who want to perform an ETL to OMOP CDM on data from the maternity ward.
The information is divided into many tables and does not always contain the information needed for CDM.
Example of existing tables:
Admission to the maternity ward (reason for application / determination of gestational age)
Birth Summary (Birth Details / Newborn Details)

We would be very happy if someone could give us guidance on how we can perform the mapping of the data when the data necessary for the CDM is not always available.
Thank you


Why don’t you make a list of all the concepts you need to figure out, and then the community will help you.

Hi @Almog_Sarafian,
Based on my experience you should start with one source table and use the table definition (OMOP CDM v5.4) to map the data, then convert the source code to a standard concept and verify that external researcher can use the atlas tool to build a cohort.
Once you have achieved this on one source you are on the right track.

A maternity ward is a hospital unit that provides care to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Maternity ward data refers to the information collected and recorded about the women and babies who receive care in the unit. This data can include demographic information, such as age, ethnicity, and medical history, as well as information about the pregnancy, such as gestational age, prenatal care, and complications. Maternity ward data is used to track outcomes, identify trends, and improve the quality of care provided to women and babies during the perinatal period.


Thanks for the summary, but what is it you need or are asking or are proposing?