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I would like to have a specification.
If the datasurce is in ICD9. Do I need to map the clinical condition in snomed or in the table clinical condition I use the omop code that corrispond to ICD9.
Thanks a lot

You map it (using CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP ‘Maps-to’ to tell you where it goes). You store the ICD9 code in _source_concept_id field to track where the source code came from.

In addition to Chris’ response above, you should read The Book of OHDSI before you begin mapping data. Pay close attention to chapters 4-6 which describe the data model, vocabularies and mapping.


in addition to all previous advices I also highly recommend to study free EHDEN Academy course “OMOP CDM and Standardised Vocabularies” (https://academy.ehden.eu/course/view.php?id=4). It contains a lot of useful knowledge about CDM and OMOP vocabularies.