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Mapping the Canadian Drug Information Number (DIN) to RxNorm or RxNorm Extension

Dear All,

Are there any resources for mapping Canadian Drug Information Number (DIN) to RxNorm or RxNorm Extension?

Copying @Christian_Reich in the thread.


Aren’t DIN the identifiers of the Drug Product Database? If so, the concept_codes should be identical to the DIN.

Thanks Christian,

It is a great start. I was able to find some DINs, but not all of them. See a sample of atorvastatins below.

More importantly, for those DINs I was able to find, Athena returns no concepts mapped to RxNorm or others.




Dear @larry_ma ,
yes, DPD is quite outdated with a 2017 version and we actually had plans to refresh it for a while… Admittedly, it got down prioritized and moved further on (as you can see in the roadmap planning when scrolling down a little). We are always very driven by actual demand at OHDSI and there wasn’t too much of this in regard to DPD. It is not exactly a clean vocabulary either and would dearly need a loving hand. There are however entries that look like they are working and have mappings. So, not all is lost… Tell us about your use case and the urgency!

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Hi Mik,

We are working on a project to help patients capture their medications easily and accurately, with linkage to a standardized vocabulary like RxNorm Extension. DIN serves as a good starting point in this effort.

According to the road map, the DPD is scheduled to be updated in 2022Q2, which would work well for us.