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Mapping survey questions - concept ids

Hello Everyone,

We have few survey questions given below that we would like to map. While I don’t find an exact match but is it okay/appropriate to map to the concept_ids given beside each question? They don’t really match the question. but I also understand it’s not possible to find exact match for all our source terms (esp surveys). how do we do this?

should I create a custom concept at our end?

what is the year - 4078999
what is the month  - 45881910
what is the date today - 4260905
what day is today - 4139381
what time is it - 4256606
What area are we in? - ??

These questions are from the MMSE questionnaire and such questionnaires are often used for cognitive assessment.

Am I right to understand that only custom concepts have to be created for the above terms and there are no standard concepts as of now in OHDSI vocabulary?

This is psychological testing of patient so you don’t want to convert it into the _datetime of event.

Right. It seems we have the general score/assessment fact concepts only.

I think these target concepts have nothing to do with the survey source data.

Do you really want to record the exact answers?

Or it would be enough to capture the test/subtest interpretation if provided? If this is the case, the new OMOP Extension concepts may be a choice.

@Alexdavv - thanks for the response…Yes, I would be interested to look at the test/subtest sections. But when I had a look at the staging/subscales section in Athena under standard concepts, I didn’t find these two questionnaires on RBANS and MMSE.

While our research team wants to record the exact answers for their requirements, I would like to check with you on whether sub-tests/tests for these two questions are available?

Another question is, I see people talk about licenses,s, etc when we are to add our local terms to OHDSI Athena. So, where do these survey terms fall? These are standard questionnaires and am not sure where I can find info about licensing etc. Can you direct me to a resource where I can learn about licensing etc? How do I know certain vocabulary if to be added to Athena requires licensing and certain terms don’t require licensing etc and anyone can add it? Under which category do the survey terms fall? Thanks for your help.

This is an old story. I hope this is in line with the analytical use cases they have, as well as with a clear understanding of how to query these data. Would it be a difference between the dates (actual date and answered)? It would be great to know.

Net yet available, but at least this is something that in line with the modeling we’re thinking of. And such new concepts may find their place in the OMOP Extension vocabulary.

For the rest, you probably will be interested to discuss it in the Psychiatry Workgroup format.

Ideally, into the OMOP Extension vocabulary so that everyone in the community can use it.

Are they available on google, PubMed? If so, you should be able to recreate them.

When it comes to a certain vocabulary (or its part), its licensing rules will explain it.

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