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Mapping RxNorm to ATC with mapping in concept_relationship

Hi, we are trying to map the RxNorm code in our data source to ATC categories using the concept_relationship. The RxNorm code in our data do not have OMOP extension and there are in total of around 55k unique RxNorms. Even though there are around 42k non-OMOP relationship provided in concept_relationship, we were only able to find mapping of 3800 of them. Do you happen to know why this is happening and what would be a possible solution? Is there any possible step of internal RxNorm-to-RxNorm mapping in between that we are missing? Thank you very much

Hello, @Ivonne_Xu

ATC - RxNorm is a little bit complex type of relationship. To get these links, you should use concept_ancestor table, where most of the ATC - RxNorm relationships are present. The original ATC hierarchy is extended by Standard Drug Products of RxNorm and RxNorm Extension vocabularies, which are assigned to be descendants of the 5th ATC Classes, meaning only Standard Drug Products have them.

However, if you want to get the absolute maximum, you need to query concept_relationship too, because there are some relationships in concept_relationship, absent in concept_ancestor

I also suggest this short tutorial on ATC and the ATC vocabulary documentation.

Regarding your use case, do you mean here, that most of your RxNorms are Invalid? What’s the 42k non-OMOP relationship?

42k non- OMOP extension relationship. This is very helpful we will take a look into the links you shared. Thank you!