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Mapping questions from Estonia

(Peter Rijnbeek) #1

We received the following questions from a datasource in Estonia:

  1. I84 - Haemorrhoids. Seems that this code is missing from ICD-10 by now (was valid in ICD-10 Version:2008 and is a still valid diagnosis code currently in Estonia). I84 is present in CONCEPTS table, but is not valid anymore. Probably we should map this to K64?

-> A suggestion would be to still map to the ‘invalid’ ICD-10 code since there is a mapping to the standard code which is still valid?

  1. K35.9 - similar to previous, seems that this code is not a valid ICD-10 by now (again, was valid in ICD-10 Version:2008), probably we can generalize this to K35.8 “Acute appendicitis, other and unspecified”.

-> same story.

  1. J10-J18 (a range) - Influenza and pneumonia - in old ICD-10 version the range was J10-J18. However, none of these ranges are defined in CONCEPTS table.

-> seems to correspond however to a standard SNOMED concept (concept ID 256723) so maybe map to this code without a source code?

@Christian_Reich, @gregk do you agree witht the proposed solutions?

(Gregory Klebanov) #2

@Dymshyts, @aostropolets

(Christian Reich) #3


  1. If a source concept is deprecated you can still use it. Only standard concepts have to be active, fresh and smelling good. It is correctly mapped to 195562 SNOMED “Hemorrhoids”. So, no action necessary.

  2. Same thing. Leave it. Use the deprecated concept for the condition_source_concept_id. The correct mapping creates a fresh standard concept 4310400 SNOMED “Acute Appendicitis”.

  3. Again. J10 is deprecated (still good for condition_source_concept_id) and maps to a good 4266367 SNOMED “Influenza”. Too lazy to check the rest.

Bottom line: No problem, standard treatment of source codes.

(Sulev Reisberg) #4

Many thanks for the answers!