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Mapping new code(ICNP) to ohdsi vocabularies


Hi everyone,

I’m a researcher developping a system that works with CDM. The field we study is nursing. We are in the process of standardizing vocabularies to prepare CDM. But ohdsi vocabularies do not contain the ICNP I need. ICNP (International Classification for Nursing Practice, https://www.icn.ch/what-we-do/projects/ehealth-icnp) was defined by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

The structure of the ICNP is similar to that of Ohdsi vocabularies, so the mapping is simple and I have a set mapping for research… However, since the ICNP is an asset to ICN, should ICN map the vocabularies and provide them to ohdsi? Is there a formal procedure to explain the registration of ohdsi’s vocabulary to ICN?
(The ICN said that there is a licensing fee for Commercial, regional or national use)

(Christian Reich) #2


That would be wonderful. Nursing data keep popping up from time to time, I know that @Rkboyce has data like that.

No formal procedure. Just drop us what you have and we can take a look.