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Mapping NDC to NDA codes

(Ramy Alsaffar) #1

I have a dataset that contains NDC codes, and another dataset that contains NDA cods (Orange Book).

My question is how to map NDC to NDA codes.

I will be thankful to any ideas or suggestions.


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(Vojtech Huser) #2

interesting problem.
try https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/InformationOnDrugs/ucm079750.htm

however I don’t see an NDC field there ! :frowning:

if you find the solution, please report it here.

(jonstrong) #3

Hi all -

Apologies if I missed this – but in reviving this year old topic, I’m wondering if there’s been a straightforward approach identified to map NDA number (as in Orange Book) to NDC code (as in the NDC product table)?

  • Jon

(Christian Reich) #4

No progress, @jonstrong. Do you have a use case?

(jonstrong) #5

Building ADE reporting tools with multiple front-ends for various users / use cases, e.g., health care professionals (HCP), patients, institutions / providers. For patients, the descriptions / forms / dosing info is more “user friendly” as presented in Orange Book data, while for HCPs we have what appears to be more detailed data, keyed to NDC code (with package code appended – full 10 digits, or extended 11 digit format). We can also potentially look to a source like RxNorm, but I’m looking to see how we can build this broader view of the drug info without relying on paid license fees to commercial drug directories.

  • Jon

(Christian Reich) #6

Understood. We use RxNorm for that structure, hierarchy and content. It’s pretty good. We map the NDC to that. NDA - we put it on the list, but without an analytical use case will probably take a while. Unless you are interested to run it through the Drug Mapping Tool.