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Mapping NAACR Alcohol and Tobacco use to CDM

Are there any recommendation on how to map NAACCR ‘Tobacco Use Smoking Status’ and ‘Alcohol Use Status’ to CDM, and whether / what to record as source_concept_ids?

Thank you,

We will produce the NAACCR mapping soon.

I’ll stay peeled. Thank you!

@Christian_Reich it’s not about mapping only.
We have to update NAACCR in OMOP, since there are no such a concepts in Athena.
On the other hand, I can find ‘Tobacco Use Smoking Status’ in NAACCR DATA DICTIONARY, but can’t find the ‘Alcohol Use Status’,
@hannes can you please post the item_number for ‘Alcohol Use Status’ you use.

@Dymshyts Good catch. I found the ‘Alcohol History’ field in the dataset I have been working with. The item number is #350. However, I just found out that this item was retired in 2010. I did not find any rationale why. I have listed the observed values in the dataset below, though I think the request is now moot.

0 - No History of Alcohol
1 - Current Use of Alcohol
2 - Past History of Alcohol
9 - Alcohol Usage Unknown

Is this code widely used later than 2010 in your dataset?

It is a tumor registry with 60K records. Here are the record counts with Alcohol History for the years post 2012.

Year Record Count with #350
2011 4894
2012 4816
2013 4811
2014 5255
2015 5702
2016 5196
2017 5255
2018 5352
2019 4994
2020 8341
2021 60
Total: 54676

The low record count for 2021 reflects the typical lag in reporting.

Hm, seems those who filled the registry weren’t aware that this code was retired:)
Or they were, but as NAACCR doesn’t provide a replecament code, they used this one out of despair.
Anyway, when we do the NAACCR update we’ll map it to some more reliable terminology like SNOMED or LOINC.

Thank you.