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Mapping multiple payers claims files into OMOP


(Trevor) #1

I am working on mapping multiple different kinds of payer files into OMOP and did not see this topic already in here. Wanted to know if anyone else has done this and if I could get any tips/best practices or examples.

The main file types I am concerned with are:

Medicare: CCW files

Medicaid: HCFA 1500/ 834/ UB92/ NCPDP

Commercial Payers: 834/ 837i/ 837p / NCPDP

(Gregory Klebanov) #2

we have done many OMOP CDM ETL conversions of just about every data type available, including linking separate data sets and converting it into a single integrated OMOP CDM instance. We could definitely provide you with hints and best practices but since it is a quite broad question and it would be a bit difficult to advise on specifics without knowing more details.

Could you please share a bit more details? Also, would be happy to jump on a call to better understand what you are trying to do and share our experience/tips.