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Mapping Multi-Schema database with CDM

Hi All,
We are using oracle database with multi-schema application such as we have created lookup tables in definitions schema, Patient table in registration schema, diagnosis in Orderentry schema, radiology related tables in radiology schema, pathology related tables in pathology schema etc.

Now we want to map our database with CDM-OMOP and generates the scan report using WhiteRabbit and RabbitinAHat, if we pass definitions schema in credential of WhiteRabbit then it shows tables of definitions schema only and so on

Is it possible to map multi-schema database with CDM by using WhiteRabbit and RabbitInAHat?

Rai Qaiser Hussain

WhiteRabbit is currently only capable of scanning all tables from one schema per scan. You have to repeat this for every schema.

You could try to partly automate this process by running WhiteRabbit from the command line with a .ini file for each schema. See http://ohdsi.github.io/WhiteRabbit/WhiteRabbit.html#running_from_the_command_line